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Santana Munns

Licensee Salesperson

With a drive to be involved in selling and buying properties from childhood – plus a professional background in Sales and Tourism, including jet-setting as a flight attendant – Santana has found a role that combines her top two priorities: people and property. And she’s a born natural.

Led by a big heart and as genuine as they come, Santana builds meaningful relationships effortlessly. Maybe it’s because she can connect with people from all walks of life. Maybe it’s because she listens and really hears her clients. Maybe it’s because she’s hardworking and an honest communicator who finds solutions quickly. It’s all of the above. And the results speak for themselves.

Her clients praise her for helping them have a ‘smooth and stress-free experience’. And she makes them feel ‘taken care of’ while they embark on one of the biggest investments of their lives. This delicate balance of being caring and hardworking is what makes partnering with Santana so great. Along with her zest for life.

Whether she’s taking her dogs for sunset walks, chasing waterfalls, or doing any outdoor adventures , or experiencing a fine dining tasting menu in all its deliciousness, Santana lives life to the full. And she brings that core energy, that fire, to helping her clients find exactly what they wanted (or what they didn’t even know they wanted).