Rickus Moll

Licensee Salesperson

Nothing is impossible. There is always a method.

Dealing with the transaction of one of your most valuable assets? Rickus is focussed on getting extraordinary results for his clients when negotiating the best value and customizing the process to his client's needs. Giving them the quality client service that they deserve. Whether you want top dollar for the property that you’re selling or you’re looking to buy a home and want to find the perfect price to value ratio. With youth and energy on his side, he continuously works alongside you, with full transparency and trust, ensuring that you understand and have knowledge of the decisions that you make. Whilst ensuring that you get the best results.
Rickus simplifies the buying and selling process to save you stress and time.

He stays on top of all of the newest real estate trends and market conditions and works out what the solution is for his clients, with his creative problem solving so that he can be your source of information and ensure that you are happy with the results. Whether you are Buying or Selling into Nz Properties, he is the one to approach in order for you to have the most important thing, a person to trust and won’t leave you in the dark.

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