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Patrick McAteer

Director of Sales & Marketing

Patrick McAteer believes his business background helps him serve his local community.

Some people say Ray White Wynyard, Director Sales & Marketing Patrick McAteer has the luck of the Irish — “but it takes work to make luck happen,” he says. 

“My Irish surname translates from ancient Gaelic to ‘son of a carpenter’ — so building is in my blood. Whether it’s been building businesses, building teams, or building community I’ve always been willing to roll my sleeves up and get to work.” 

The St Marys Bay local is loving his role and determined to help his community with their real estate goals. 

Patrick’s background includes roles in sales and marketing, MD of an advertising agency, GM of a music TV channel, CEO of a film company, and a heli-biking guide! 

So, what’s the connection with real estate? “All those roles required real enthusiasm and a bit of bravery to bring them to life,” he says. “So the first question I asked myself when I became a real estate agent was ‘What can I bring to the property process?’ The answer is simple. Energy! 

“I have always been in business generating relationships. Real estate is no different. It’s about bringing people together, creating a deal, and exceeding people’s expectations. 

“Everybody loves talking about property. There’s always a lot of emotion in real estate, even in investment property. 

“There’s a lot involved. There’s multiple meetings, you need someone who is going to act on your behalf, you need a professional who understands how to benchmark pricing, how to attract buyers, and how to handle the actual negotiation.” 

It’s all about listening to people, being realistic with vendors about pricing, then working with your clients to build a marketing platform, execute the sale. 

Originally from Fairlie in the South Island, Patrick has lived in Ponsonby area for 20 years. He sells all over Auckland, and specialises in the greater waterfront area (Westmere to Wynyard)— one of the most expensive parts of New Zealand. “Whether it’s $500,000 or $5 million, you’ve got to go through the same process. There’s no shortcuts.” 

He describes some new apartment developments around Wynyard Quarter as “an amazing addition to the inner city and wider suburbs.” 

Patrick has a wife, one 14-year-old daughter, and a 12-year-old son. He mentors young people with their careers and coaches sports, he relaxes by skiing, surfing, and going running with Border Collie ‘Fergie’. 

More information: call Patrick on 021 664 859.