Jack Pecsy

Licensee Salesperson

Take an engaging personality, add in extensive sales and management experience, a strong work ethic with endless enthusiasm and you have Jack Pecsy.

Having experienced every market change during his 24 plus years in the industry, starting in the early 90’s as one of the youngest agents in the business. What sets Jack apart today is his strategic thinking, knowledge and hands-on experience in all aspects of real estate including commercial and residential sales, office/team management, project marketing, property management, unit titles and the various methods of sale. Holding a Diploma in Information Technology and big on personal growth through connecting with clients and understanding their needs, Jack is well-equipped and forward-thinking,  vital in creating modern-day market insights, customer reach and communication.

On a personal level,  Jack holds a black belt in martial arts, is a yoga practitioner and family man. He understands the difference that commitment, empathy and understanding can make in facilitating the sale of his clients biggest asset. A great negotiator with a calm demeanour, he alleviates the pressure and anxiety from what can be a potentially stressful process.

Contact Jack Pecsy today about the result-driven approach and the way his experience will secure the all-important ‘SOLD’ sign you’ve been dreaming of.

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