Danny Wong


Having been an Auckland resident for over 30 years, Danny embraces his moniker as a genuine Kiwi. But, don’t be fooled; he has not forgotten his roots and is fluent in both Chinese and Cantonese and cognisant of all the nuances and customs of his country of birth. 

Danny spent years in the business of setting up successful restaurant and entertainment businesses from scratch. Having soared through the ranks of the hospitality industry to become lead operations manager for his company, Danny knows the importance of deadlines and negotiation, always striving to achieve the absolute best for his clients. Not only does Danny know the Auckland City market inside out, he has been living in the vibrant CBD for more than 10 years and has occupied many frames, from shoe-boxes to luxury apartments. 

The real estate markets are ever-evolving and so should be the way we market and advertise. Danny has an innate and comprehensive understanding of the digital world and the options to market from this platform. Become a part of Danny’s personal success by employing him to facilitate your next piece of real estate business. 

Great service doesn’t end when when the deal is done but continues on for a lifetime.