Before joining Ray White City apartments Mitch worked at an apartment trading company as project manager, managing renovations and refurbishments on apartments before deciding to try his hand as a specialist apartment salesperson. This is when he decided to make the move to the number one apartment sales office in New Zealand to further his career.

Since joining the team at Ray White City Apartments, He has worked alongside some of the top apartment sales agents in Auckland City gaining priceless skills and knowledge when it comes to listing, selling and achieving great prices all round.

Mitch is extremely passionate about selling inner city apartments and believes in hard work and professionalism. If you list with him you can expect a great result!


Premier member 2016/2017

Agent Reviews

J Bodle 101 LTD

Honest, great service, really hardworking

Natalie Poland & Cameron Crawford

Mitch has a great report with prospective purchasers... good follow up.

Bluzone Group

Mitch always kept me informed of the transaction from start to finish and was always polite and would always chase up and answer any questions I had.

Bluzone Group LTD

Honest, reliable, and always keeps me informed of update with potential clients

Mark Fagelund Gjersoe

Donald Gibbs and his team were fabulous. Always kept us in the loop and did all the right things when needed. Our Property Manager Diana Loussouarn has been great. Always answers all enquiries immediately and is extremely helpful.

Grant Sanderson

Mitch is always polite,informative and keeps me fully informed on a daily basis with updates on the purchase and where everything is at, any problems are sorted very quickly

Lomax Enterprises Limited

All the agents at Ray White are good but Mitch is my prefered agent. He is always looking after my best interests and does a great job selling my properties, especially the last one that was sold at auction for way over expectations!

Ruscoe Family Trust

very professional...acheived a quick result

Cameron Crawford

Very professional - good sales vocab - well presented.

Suzanne Kidd

Mitch is a reliable & honest Agent and works hard to achieve good results.